Moon Feminine Ritual

I had a meditation where several very significant messages came down. One of the most impressive was this one that I feel very inclined to share about our menstruation, or as I like to call it; our Moon since we are cyclic and have different facets like the Moon. Please only take what resonates with you and what doesn’t, feel free to discard it.

Let’s start by correcting in our mind what this process means: It is a sacred miracle that is the origin of human creation. It is an act of manifestation and we must honor it as such. We are CREATORS, therefore, MAGICIANS we have MAGIC inside us, incredible that we have not thought so from the beginning, right?

Getting to know our magic.

When a woman bleeds is cleaning old energies that are no longer useful for our growth, it is true that these energies belong to the set of experiences lived throughout life that left conscious or unconscious learning, but also represents energies that are present in The whole universal psyche and to assist in this cleansing is to assist everyone’s benefit since we are all one energy.

Taking action from self-love.

I received that during the duration of the period we can assist our female body to eliminate toxins in the physical, mental and subconscious plane taking into account that all are related and exist together.

Physic Plane.

On the physical level, the first three days limit ourselves to eating fruits and vegetables that help eliminate toxins and gently enter a detoxification and cleaning process, if you receive the call to fast for those days it is a very good option, but It depends on the strength with which you sit, remember to always listen to you and follow what your intuition commands. Avoid eating coffee, meats, processed and packaged foods that can make you feel a little dense and heavy.

Mental Plane.

On a mental level, it is a good time to carry out activities that have to do with letting go, as rituals that you can do with yourself, such as writing the things, people and / or situations from which you want to detach or culminate and then burn them in a fire visualizing how you transmute that energy and give space within yourself.

Meditate a lot, if you used to do it once before, do these days two or three. Shutting up the mind to enter deeper levels of consciousness is super important in this process.

Subconscious Plane.

On the subconscious level, which is at the soul level being in full contact with your intuition, that inner little voice that has no doubts. Enter silently to listen to the messages and what it is necessary for your heart to know for this new cycle.

These days we are extra vulnerable and sensitive which means that our heart is open and we can access our internal magic and channel much more easily. Within society would be called the “madness” of women.


Death and Rebirth

In order to integrate everything and feel the inner guidance it is necessary to be with ourselves, take time for solitude, delivery and be very receptive because special things can happen that bring revelations and special events.

It is time to be your mother/father and give you all the attention, pampering and affection that is necessary to transcend this process in the best and highest way.

There are different rituals that you can do with your moon in the peace of your home and in connection with yourself and with your sacred femininity, as they are very deep I will share them in another separate post with all the details.

If this article resonated with your heart, share it with someone you feel will help you on your way, together we are more magical.


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